Study Centers

Today, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has a large international student body and is not just confined to India. It is clear that IGNOU needs a large number of study centers in order to offer education in every Indian city as well as abroad. For the yearly admissions of applicants, IGNOU has already constructed far too many study centers. IGNOU now has more than 1000 study centers spread all over India to assist each student as needed. 

Following receiving admission to IGNOU, each applicant is given a study centre to begin their additional studies. You can look over the list to see what questions you can contact your study centre about.

Students have access to the following amenities at a study centre:

  • Academic counsellors who work part-time provide subject-specific counselling.
  • Facilities for watching audio and video.
  • Library
  • Teleconferencing
  • Information on the University’s policies, processes, and schedules.
  • Assignments must be sent in to the tutor for feedback, grading, and marking in order to take the term-end test.
  • Applicants can take practical sessions at study centres.
  • Participation in theory classes.
  • Only the study centre must receive IGNOU assignments from candidates.
  • Complaint on unfinished assignments.
  • Discussion over a project.

NOTE: As the majority of study centers are only open on Sundays and not on weekdays, lectures are only held on Sundays. All assignments must be finished on Sundays, and students are responsible for verifying the working hours with the appropriate study center. 

Learner Support Centre (LSC)

The word “Learner Support Center” (LSC) refers to a centre formed locally that is maintained or recognised by the university for providing advice, counselling, or any other aid needed by students while enrolled in an IGNOU programme of study.

‘Study Center’ is a synonym for it. 

Regional Centre Wise Details of Learner Support Centre (LSCs) are provided below in pdf form:

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